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Our fleet management system is orientated in vehicle operation management and offers a systematic package of setting up a software which links to a tracking device installed in a vehicle to obtain required data and complete a wide range of tasks from any computer or laptop in your own convenient space and time. 

Our Vision: Become the top rated provider of innovative tailor made Fleet Management systems for small and medium enterprises in South Africa, embedded in in the top ten technology companies in Africa by year 2027. 

Our Mission: To improve efficiency and enhance business operations for small and medium enterprises, through a system that reduces the overall operating costs by enabling business owners to remotely manage, monitor and control various driver and vehicle activities. 


Business Core Values:

·        Accountability - we take responsibility of our actions

·        Compassion - we go out of our way to resolve problems our stakeholders may face

·        Innovation - we are constantly improving quality of our service

·        Diversity - we pride ourselves in being broad and open-minded

·        Empowerment - we offer our stakeholders a space to grow.



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  •   Call Us: (071) 174 6300
  •   Info@TiiCo.co.za